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Pastor Andy Lake and Kara Lake

Andy Lake Installed As Associate Pastor

Overseeing Worship and Music AT NCC

Pastor Andy Lake On The Left Leading Worship,

Leah  Gifford (right) A Worship Team Member

Pastor Andy Lake was installed as an Associate Pastor at the New

Covenant Church through the laying on of hands by the Church

Board.  Andy is a multi-talented musician playing a variety of

instruments and has lead worship teams in the past along with his

wife, Kara.  Andy and Kara have six children. 


Andy will oversee a worship team consisting of his wife, Kara Lake,

Paul and Leah Gifford, Mike Wieliscki, Brenda Berry and Pastor

Stephen Berry, Steven Fernandez and Anthony LaPlaca.


The New Covenant Church is blessed and excited to add Andy to the

leadership team and to have such talented and spirit-led worship

team members. 


If you have never attended a NCC worship service, you are missing

an extraordinary time in the presence of God and we encourage you

to at make plans now to attend a service. You'll be glad you did!


The Church Sanctuary Has Been Flipped!

Yes We Have Flipped The Sanctuary!

The front of the sanctuary has been on the side facing the East and

Ridge Road, since we planted the church 8 years ago.  Part of the

church's vision was to put the front of the sanctuary at the North end

of the building and redo the front entrance from a side entrance to a

center hall entrance with a new foyer and new bathrooms.

 Just in time for the church's 8th anniversary, it has happened.  The

front of the church sanctuary is facing north.  Praise The Lord!

Why? Because this will allow us to add up to 200 people at one time in

the sanctuary.  Up until today the most we could sear was about 100

people.  Now we can double the number of people who can attend one


Now that is something to get excited about.

Come Check Us Out!

The New Covenant Church Launches

A Celebrate Recovery Program


On Friday night, Jan. 15, 2010 the New Covenant Church launched a new

 nationally recognized support program for people who struggle with a  

variety of issues from alcoholism, divorce, sexual abuse,

co-dependency, domestic violence, drug addiction, sexual and food

addictions, gambling, etc. 


The launch of the program has been in the works for months at the New

 Covenant Church on Ridge Road in Brookfield, VT. A leadership team of

  Pastor Stephen Berry, Tim Schroeder, Perry Kaczik, Dorcas Wright and

 Connie Coviello have been coordinating the launch and the oversight of this

recovery program that is based on eight principles from the Beatitudes and

the 12 steps well-known in other recovery and support programs.


“Celebrate Recovery” was founded by John Baker a pastor at the

 nationally known Saddleback Church in California.  Rick Warren, author of

  The Purpose Driven Life  is the pastor of Saddleback and the

“Celebrate Recovery program has over the last 14 years ministered at the

 Saddleback Church to over 7,500 individuals.  The program is now being

 used in thousands of churches nationwide.  The program is modeled to

 be similar to other familiar recovery programs, but is Christ-centered. 

It is not designed to replace recovery programs already in existence, but

to compliment them and to expand those who can attend to people, who

 struggle with a variety of issues from alcohol and drug addictions to

 issues of co-dependency and sexual abuse.


The doors to the church will open each week at 5:30 PM for fellowship and

light refreshments and the program runs from 6 PM to  8 PM.           


When Pastor Berry was asked if   “Celebrate Recovery” was just for

 people, who were religious or who attended his church, said, ““Celebrate

 Recovery” has been launched by a team of people at the New Covenant

 Church, but is open to anyone, who would like to attend. It is not limited to

 people who attend our church, in fact we our offering this program as a

 way to support and reach out to anyone in central VT, who can benefit

 from this fantastic program.  Many years ago, I struggled with drugs and

 alcohol, and I wish a program like this had been available to me at that

 time.  We just know that there is a great need for this program and we are

 launching it as a way to help anyone, who needs it, whether they attend

 church or not.”


If you would like more information about this program you


 may call Pastor Stephen at 802-598-7590,


Tim Schroeder at 802-369-0200


 or Perry Kacik at 276-2143 

Look What The Lord Has Done!

6 Years After Entering Into A Lease/Purchase

With The Owner of the Property at 2252 Ridge Road

In Brookfield, The New Covenant Church Body Are

Now The Thankful Owners Of the 13+Acre


The 13+ acre property includes a 2500 square foot

 parsonage and a 9000 square foot-3 floor

renovated barn/worship center.

On Thursday, January 29 at 2:30 PM

Pastor Stephen Berry on behalf of the church

board signed

the loan papers from AG Financial Solutions,

 which made it possible for the Church To

 purchase the property.

It was six years ago that a small group of Christians

3-4 families (Total of 15 people), entered into a

lease purchase agreement, believing that God

wanted to plant and grow a Spirit-filled, Biblically

 based church in Brookfield,  VT.

Over the last six years attendance at the

 church has grown from  15 to an average of

 75-100 people on Sunday mornings.

"It is amazing, God has met our financial needs on

a day to day basis.  It is a miracle of God's

 provision and a testimony to God's faithfulness

 and to the faithfulness of His people, that we are

 still here and finally own the property."

said Pastor Stephen following the closing on the


Praise The Lord!

The church will now be entering a building

 and renovation stage to increase the seating

 capacity of the church from about 100 to 200


The church will also be renovating the

outside look and feel of the church in order to

 enhance the beauty and look of the church.


Below are some architectual renderings of the  proposed renovated worship center.



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