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Our Story

A Brief History Of The New Covenant Church

The Founding Core Group

 Of The New Covenant Church

     The New Covenant Church(NCC) began in December of 2002.  The core group (15 People), who birthed the church had been part of a local congregational church and Pastor Berry was the pastor at this church for four years.

     As the church grew over the four years, two groups emerged in this church, with very different goals, theology and vision for the church.  The two groups met and decided to pursue their different visions for church. 

     Pastor Stephen and 14 people decided to start a new church and began to meet in the home of one of the members in Brookfield.  They believed that as they sought God, preached the Word of God and cared for each other and others that God would supply a building at the right time for them to meet in.  The core group believed that the church was not about a building, but about the building of a people of God, the Body of Christ. 


     The core group met in this home for 5 months, trusting God to build the church.  During this time the foundation was laid for the New Covenant Church.  A name, mission statement, core values and goals were all established.   

  NCC Mission Statement

"The New Covenant Church is committed to being a Biblically based, family centered church in central Vermont. We will accomplish this by providing experiential, spirit-led worship, opportunities for discipleship and leadership through small group ministry and on-going outreach into the community, both locally and globally."

    The church body after meeting with officials from the Assemblies of God voted unanimously to affiliate with the Northern New England District(NNED) of the Assemblies of God.

     Shortly after this vote, Pastor Stephen and his wife Brenda were approved as church planters with the NNED of the Assemblies of God and the New Covenant Church Assembly of God was official. 

From Left To Right: Rev. Dennis Marquardt, District Superintendent of the NNED AOG,  Bevie Jo Marquardt, Brenda Berry and Pastor Stephen. 

     As the core group sought God's will for the future, the Lord led them to a property in Brookfield, which housed a publishing company(Brookfield Publishing Company or known locally as Ashgate Publishing Company).  The property was listed for $350,000.  God would need to do a miracle in order for the church to have this property as their church home.

      Over the 5 months that the church was meeting in a home, the core group began negotiations with the owner.  At the end of the five months the owner agreed to a lease/purchase agreement for 6 years.  But the church needed to come up with a down payment of $35,000.  Through the Lord's leading and the obedience and generosity of the "core group" and the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God, the Lord provided the down payment needed.

      The New Covenant Church applied to become a church plant with the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God(NNED) and were approved and two-year grant of $60,00 was granted to the church by the NNED.  These monies were used for the necessary renovations to the church building, the parsonage and to purchase chairs, a sound system and a sign.

        The first service was held in the barn on Good Friday, 2003 with 15 people in attendance.  The dream had become a reality on Easter weekend 2003.

       Work quickly began on the renovations for the church and parsonage. Once again the church witnessed God's hand of provision for the church as people donated time, money, and materials in order to get the church ready for our public "Birth Sunday" on September 7, 2003.

Brenda Berry Faithfully Leading Worship

     After working all spring and through the summer, the church was finally ready for it's "Birth Sunday."  76 people attended the celebration and building dedication, with the theme of "Look What The Lord Has Done!" Rev. Dennis Marquardt, the District Superintendent of the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God was the guest speaker.  It was a great day of celebration as everyone involved could see the finger prints of God all over the planting of the New Covenant Church in Brookfield. 

     The planting of the New Covenant Church was an exciting time, but it really was only the beginning of what God has planned here in the little town of Brookfield.  God is raising up a people whose focus would be on developing their relationship with Him and not on the form and ritual of religion.  A church that would be alive to the Holy Spirit and founded on the eternal truths of the Scriptures.  Simply put, God was raising up a "People of the Spirit and a People of The Word."

     Since the founding of the church on September 7, 2003, we have seen and continue to see God's fingerprints all over this church and the people He leads here.  

Miracles after Miracles!

Miracles of people finding

 a relationship with Jesus.

Miracles of healing, spiritually,

 emotionally, and physically.

Miracles of God's provision financially

 both for the church and for His people.

Miracles of finding and experiencing

 His presence in each worship service. 

      God is good, and we are having a great time worshipping Him, working together as a community of believers, encouraging each other in our individual faith journeys and doing everything that we can to reach out and touch those in our community with the love, mercy, grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

       Since the beginning of this church, each day holds a new and exciting moment to see and discover what God is doing in the lives of those He has led here to be part of this miracle. 

       Come visit us sometime and see for yourself what words cannot adequately express-the presence and power of God in our services and the love and grace of Jesus as expressed through the people, who call the New Covenant Church, their spiritual home.

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